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123 Accounting Solution

Welcome to Accounting and Tax Solution's

123 Accounting Services is a company is providing accounting services in all over Canada. What makes us unique is our highly professional and expert accountants that have an experience of over 20 years in the industry. We at 123 accounting provides a range of accounting services.

Our Services



Spending time struggling with bookkeeping on your own is time taken away from other areas of your company that need your attention. . As business owner.


Payroll Services

We will take care of payroll needs so you can take care of your business. Payroll is not only tedious and meticulous process, but the possibility of making errors.



Automating receivables and payables process is easy, secure and more efficient. Our company, is here to support you to streamline your financial operation process.


Tax Solutions

Tax can be complicated and in a constant state of flux, and if you don’t know how tax laws are changing and evolving, you risk your company by paying tax interest charges.


Reporting & Analysis

Financial reporting involves the preparation and analysis of various kind of data to determine the financial health of a company. We at 123 accounting acknowledge that FS reporting done on timely.

Why Choose Us

123 Accounting Solution possesses certain qualities that converts the visitor into a loyal client. Our expert staff makes accounting and tax a less hectic for you. Moreover we are dealing in accounting with amazing customer care that is free of cost. We do not charge fee for support that you need while working with us. If you are eager to get the professional and expert services for accounts and taxes, 123accounting solution is at your service.

We are experts in Accounting and Tax

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About Us

It is been a while we are in the marketing providing accounting and tax solutions all over the Canada. Professionalism is the core of 123 Accounting Solution that is the reason at client eagerly wants to work with our professional team.

Our Team

We at 123 accounting solution has a highly professional team that is best in dealing with clients from all over the Canada. They know the solutions as well as way to present them in front of clients.

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