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123 Accounting Solution

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We will take care of payroll needs so you can take care of your business.  Payroll is not only tedious and meticulous process,  but the possibility of making errors  and penalties are appalling.  At 123Accounting we guarantee that your employees are always taken care of and paid correctly and on timely manner. We ensure to effectively manage your payroll and it should be the slightest of your concern.

Standard Payroll

Employee file management.

Timesheet checks and evaluation.

Payroll process based on the approved:

  • Wages/Salary rate.
  • Vacation pay (accrued/paid)
  • Stat Holiday pay
  • Bonuses/Commission
  • Advances/Loans
  • Deductions (CPP/EI and Federal Taxes)

Process cheques/direct deposit (Bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay run).

Payroll remittance to government.

Prepare ROEs

T4’s preparation and filing.